Silverline Care Employee Recognition Events 2020

Silverline Care launched it's Reward and Recognition Programme in April 2019, inviting our staff, residents and their families to help us recognise those who go the 'extra mile' and also those who have shown commitment and loyalty to Silverline.

In November 2019, months of planning and preparation paid off as our nominees and winners celebrated in style at the Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnstone.

We were looking forward to repeating the event in 2020 but unfortunately due to COVID, we had to do things a bit differently to recognise the hard work and commitment of our staff.

So, Silverline Care's Senior Management Team (SMT) visited all of the Homes (virtually, by zoom) to personally express their thanks and appreciation for our staff's commitment and professionalism in responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

As part of the Recognition Events, a special trophy was also presented to each home which the SMT hope will be displayed proudly for all staff, residents and their families to see. Each of our homes was invited to order food and treats to have their own mini celebration. All of the sessions were recorded and links to each of the home's events can be found by clicking the link under their name.

The SMT is proud of the very many dedicated staff we have within all of our Care Homes who strive to make the homes great places for our residents to live and great places to work. We hope each and every member of staff feel proud of themselves and the difference they have made to the lives of our residents and their loved ones.

Hopefully, by November 2021, we will be able to hire a venue and celebrate as we did previously.  If there are still restrictions in place, we will work with the Home Managers and agree on how we will celebrate and reward the staff for their commitment and dedication.


Burnside Care Home

While Marion Gordon expressed thanks for all staff at Burnside Care Home, Trish Reid, Housekeeper, Domestic Assistants Angela Thain, Nicola Wood and Yvonne Manson and Maintenance Team Anthony Hartley and Sandy Mair were recognised as the home's Outstanding Teams due to their resilience and ability to adapt their roles almost entirely in response to Covid-19.

Click here to watch Burnside Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Cochrane Care Home

The entire team at Cochrane were recognised for their exceptional efforts, commitment and compassion during what was an incredibly difficult and uncertain year.

Click here to watch Cochrane Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Laurel Bank Care Home

Home Manager Ben recognised the efforts of every staff member at Laurel and said how very proud he was of the way everyone continued to provide the highest level of care while encouraging and supporting one another during this challenging year

Click here to watch Laurel Bank's Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Linson Court Care Home

During the event at Linson, special thanks were directed to Renata in recognition to the extra hours she worked during the pandemic and also the additional support she gave to colleagues when times were difficult. Renata also received praise for being a great liaison person for families during the uncertainty of the pandemic, building an excellent rapport and doing her best to keep everyone as informed as possible.

Click here to watch Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Newark Care Home

At Newark's event, Moira nominated the home's Activity Team for special recognition for going above and beyond.

Moira said: "As soon as I indicated at a staff meeting I found herself short in the Kitchen, the Activity Staff, without being asked, left the meeting, went straight to the kitchen and started to help out.  This immediately relieved the pressure on their colleagues in the kitchen.

"We enjoyed some great weather during the lockdown and the Team carried out many great activities for our residents in the garden where social distancing was in place. 

"These days were fantastic and photos were shared on our social pages so that our residents’ relatives who couldn’t visit, could see that their loved ones were dancing, singing, getting fresh air, smiling and having a good time, despite the crisis we found ourselves in."

Click here to watch Newark Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Manorcroft Care Home

Home Manager Paulina expressed her thanks to every staff member at Manocroft and told them how proud she was of them for overcoming the challenges they had faced during the past year.

Click here to watch Manorcroft Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Ranfurly Care Home

Margaret and Corinne extended their thanks to everyone at Ranfurly for the way the team worked together to continued to provide the highest level of care during the past year, despite being faced with exceptional difficulties.

Click here to watch Ranfurly Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Shakespeare Care Home

Faye and Julie Ann extended their thanks to all members of staff in Shakespeare for their efforts and praised the team for encouraging and supporting one another during what was a very challenging year.

Click here to watch Shakespeare Court's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Spiers Care Home

Alison Ravandi, Home Manager at Spiers, felt the entire team was deserving of special recognition this year, having dealt with unprecedented difficulties during the pandemic. She told them how grateful she was for their efforts.

Click here to watch Spiers Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Springhill Care Home

Home Manager Eileen Welch praised Sandra Milloy, who has been at the home for 16 years, for being an inspiration during the pandemic and described Sandra as a great asset to Springhill and Silverline Care.

Annette and her Laundry/Domestic team were also praised for their efforts in keeping the home covid free for an extended period of time, even during extra pressures and difficulties such as staff shortages.

Jane and her kitchen staff were recognised for keeping morale high during the pandemic with their excellent hospitality and attention to details.

Click here to watch Springhill Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


The Beeches Care Home

Home Manager Joy extended her thanks to everyone at The Beeches for their efforts this year but said a special thank you to Kas who has recently moved to The Beeches and supported the staff with the takeover by Silverline care.

Click here to watch The Beeches Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Willow Bank Care Home

Emma, Willow Bank's Home Manager, congratulated her entire team for their hard work during the past year and said she is extremely proud of each and every one of them.

Click here to watch Willow Bank Care Home's Employee Recognition Event 2020.


Support Office (Glasgow)

Amanda Walsh and Khyle Burns from the HR team received special recognition for the support they gave to team members during the pandemic. Julie Ann Park from the Finance team was also recognised as having gone 'above and beyond' over the past year.

Click here to watch The Support Office's Employee Recognition Event 2020.