Linson Court Care Home launches tuck shop to reignite resident's memories

Linson Court Care Home in Batley has introduced an innovative weekly tuck shop for residents, run by the residents themselves. Even Linson Court’s oldest resident Queenie Bishop, who is 100, does shifts selling sweets and goodies to others at the home. The money raised from the tuck shop will go towards future events at the home, including the upcoming summer garden party and Eid party.

Maariyah Rakhim, activity co-ordinator at Linson Court said: "The recently introduced tuck shop is such a great idea for the home. The first day of the tuck shop was a huge success and the residents love being able to participate. I help to run the shop but most of all, I love seeing the residents working and enjoying it. "A lot of our residents have worked for most of their lives so this helps stimulate their brains and reignite happy memories of working."