Adapting to Covid-19 with E Reception Book

At Silverline Care, we're adapting the way we work to respond to Coronavirus so we can welcome new residents, provide safe visits and protect those who already live and work with us.

As part of our ongoing efforts to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on our workplaces, we are introducing a contactless check-in system to our care homes.

Initially being rolled out in Cochrane Care Home, the e-Reception Book is a digital alternative to the traditional paper visitor book and it will enable staff and visitors to check in to the home using their mobile phone and email address.

This will greatly reduce the amount of contact staff and visitors have with surfaces that everyone can touch, thus helping to provide a safer way for guests and staff to enter our premises, all the while ensuring personal data is kept compliant, private and secure, while strengthening building fire-risk assessment.

Donna Neill, Care Home Manager at Cochrane Care Home, said: “We have been using the e-Reception book for a few weeks now and it is brilliant.

“Our Visitors, Staff and Contractors can now check-in & check-out, touch-free to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and fully support NHS track and trace efforts.

“We no longer have to have a fire register folder or a visitor Covid-19 protocol folder in use as the protocol has been added and has to be agreed on-screen by visitors before they can proceed with check-in.
“The fact that we will soon be able to record temperatures at the point of check-in will mean we can soon stop using this folder at that point too.”

The e-Reception book by MediaBaseDirect has been designed to ‘check-in’ visitors of all ages. In keeping with Silverline Care’s goals of achieving excellence, it will also enable visitors to provide instant feedback on their experience at the care home by simply answering a few quick questions either on the iPad, via their phone or email.

Donna added: “As with everything electronic it is taking some staff longer than others to get familiar with but largely staff are happily checking in and out. The companion app is great because it can be downloaded on your phone for free and used if there is another staff member using the iPad.

“This means there is less likelihood of a queue building at the point of check-in and considerably reduces the amount of staff actually having physical contact with the iPad.

“Some of our visiting professionals have commented on how good it looks and are impressed with what the system seems to be able to do, whilst being pleased with the contactless aspect of this system that is available to staff and regular visitors ( should relatives wish it).

“I believe implementing this electronic sign-in system will prove invaluable in our efforts to maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff.”