Kind donation allows 'hardworking' Springhill staff to spruce up home's chill-out room

The team in Springhill Care Home in Kilmarnock can relax in style following the revamp of their staffroom.

Thanks to an exceptionally generous donation, the room has been freshly painted, has a new floor, appliances and furniture and is looking fantastic.

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent a letter to Springhill, thanking everyone who had 'accepted him as a small part of their team' during the seven years he visited his wife, who was a resident at the home.

He wrote: "I routinely witnessed acts of kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness, consideration, foresight and compassion which no training programme could ever guarantee."

As a sign of the gentleman's gratitude, he gifted £500 and insisted the team 'decide on a plan to decorate, enhance and equip their staffroom to increase its facilities and comfort so that they can better relax when off duty'.

Eileen Welch, Home Manager of Springhill, said the whole team was overwhelmed when they received the letter.

She added: "The staff here are extremely caring and they work very hard but this was so unexpected. It means the world to know that relatives value what we do for their loved ones to the extent that they want to give something back to the Springhill family."

Not only has the donation helped to upgrade meal and break times, but it also gave staff the opportunity to join forces to complete the refurb.

Eileen added: "The new look was designed and project managed by our domestic assistant. The effort that was put in by the team was great to see - everyone went above and beyond and worked together to create something that they could all enjoy after or during their shifts. Changing Rooms eat your heart out!"