Silverline Care – Update on Visiting Scottish Homes and latest Scottish Government Guidance

Silverline Care welcomes The Scottish Government’s update regarding testing of designated visitors at care homes and the reduction of the closure period of a care home, following an outbreak of Covid-19.

Pathway to support Designated Visitors to Care Home

Previously, the Government published the Strategic Testing Framework with plans to prioritise further testing across adult social care which includes designated visitors to care homes and professional visitors to care homes. We have been informed by representatives of the Scottish Government that they are able to significantly accelerate their delivery plan for Designated Visitors to Care Homes which will now start on December 14.

The introduction of visitor testing is positive for residents and their families, relatives and friends as it will provide an important layer of additional protection for residents, staff and visitors and will complement the essential measures such as Infection Prevention and Control and PPE, already in place.

However, we want to remind you that current guidance states Care Homes can welcome one Designated Visitor per resident.

Further, a great amount of work must take place at our Care Homes before Designated Visitor testing can be implemented, including but not limited to risk assessments and boosting our supply of PPE. We will also be relying on a constant supply of test kits.

Our expert care staff are working with health officials to create an agreed protocol for visitor testing which, once approved, will be implemented across all Silverline Care homes but it is likely that the availability for testing and visiting at some of our Care Homes may vary from others in different local authorities and we ask for your continued understanding and patience on this matter.

Care Home Closure Following an Outbreak

The second update relates to a review of the care home closure period following an outbreak. The advice until now has been that care homes should remain closed to new admissions and visitors for 28 days following the last positive case or symptoms.

In consultation with the Directors of Public Health and Public Health Scotland, The Scottish Government is now recommending that this is reduced to 14 days from the last date of COVID symptoms subject to a Health Protection Team (HPT) assessment and confirmation of safety.

We are sure both updates will be greatly received by our residents and their visitors.

Our teams will be in touch with relatives of our residents as soon as possible to advise how these developments will be implemented at their care home.
In the meantime, please check our website for the latest updates and information or send your enquiry to

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