Ranfurly residents visit Mearns Shopping Centre

Our staff believe that they work in our residents' home.

So, as well as being provided with the highest level of care, it is important that our ladies and gents are enabled to spend their time doing what they would like.

Part of this is encouraging and arranging for residents to do the things they loved doing before becoming part of the Silverline Care family.

For example, Hunter and Jetta from Ranfurly Care Home wanted a trip out to Mearns Shopping Centre recently.

Jetta enjoys shopping and has a great eye for detail and she thoroughly enjoyed looking for and buying herself a lovely new handbag.

Hunter is a lover of all things savoury and even after he polished off his lunch, was in the mood for a Greggs sausage roll as an extra treat.

So, that's exactly what he got.

A great day out with two very happy people.