Memorial party at Cochrane for former resident Bob

We wanted to share these fabulous photos from a very special event at Cochrane Care Home which was held in memory of Bob, a former resident who sadly passed away late last year.

After his passing, Bob's family very kindly gave a lovely donation to the residents who live in the Tannahill Unit of the home.

Cochrane staff put their heads together to decide how best to spend the money and they decided they would use some of it to host a memorial party.

A staff member said: "We wanted to thank Bob's family and remind them that Bob was a dear friend and is sadly missed."

Bob's family attended the party and were presented with a memory book full of pictures from Bob's time at Cochrane, capturing some of his best moments where he was enjoying himself and which showed him with the friends he had made.

Entertainer Michael Patterson provided the soundtrack to the party and he had everyone singing and dancing to Scottish songs.

It was a truly uplifting occasion remembering a fantastic resident and celebrating the generosity of a lovely family.