Burnside staff help Bob attend granddaughter's special day

When someone becomes a resident at one of our care homes, our staff make every effort to enable the person to continue doing what makes them happy.

This might be arranging for residents to attend clubs and groups that they are members of, encouraging them to continue their hobbies or interests or celebrate those special moments with their loved ones.

For example, earlier this month, Burnside Care Home pulled out all the stops to help resident Bob Taylor attend his granddaughter's wedding.

The wedding was taking place almost 30 miles away at the Norwood Hall Hotel in Aberdeen but Bob was keen to see her walk down the aisle so the team worked with Bob's family and helped make his dream come true.

In the pictures you can see Bob surrounded by his family and friends on this very special day - doesn't he look dapper!

The smile on Bob's face said it all as he enjoyed a wee whisky with his son in what was a very proud 'Dad and Grandad' moment.

Well done to all at Burnside and congratulations again to the beautiful bride and groom!