New gadgets receive a thumbs up from Cochrane residents

Silverline Care is always striving to find new ways to introduce technology into our homes - whether it be in relation to providing medical care for our residents or to provide more opportunities to improve residents' wellbeing.

For example, Cochrane Care Home has purchased a tablet for each unit, an Alexa for each unit and two sets of Alexa buttons that are designed to provide an element of physical interaction.

These devices are already proving successful as residents 'interact' with Alexa during various games and quizzes such as 'fastest on the button'. The ladies and gents are also enjoying listening to music and are able to stay connected by reading articles or listening to the news.

The home has also invested in “ Busy Boards” or “ Dementia Activity Boards”.

These boards are made to keep residents engaged and help maintain or improve manual dexterity and they can be made with all sorts of themes in mind depending on the resident that you think would use it.

In the photographs, you can see Jimmy working with one very conscientiously.

Jimmy has always been a person who worked with his hands. Previously, Jimmy worked as a joiner and he still loves to keep himself busy and help the staff by offering to sweep the carpets and make the beds. Sometimes he dismantles lamps, chairs etc and repairs them again.

So, the staff bought a board that reflected these interests as well as a couple of smaller ones that contain a selection of nuts, bolts and screws with a screwdriver, that you can also see in the photograph.

The home is waiting for another two larger, different themed boards to arrive but also bought one that is shaped like a house and has different types of locks and chains on doors on each side of it.

So far, the boards have certainly received Jimmy's seal of approval and we hope our other residents can find enjoyment, relaxation and peace of mind when using them.