Burnside's Easter Bonanza

This Easter at Burnside, residents and family members had a wonderful time.

The celebrations started on Friday with the staff Easter Egg Hunt.

Residents enjoyed seeing our staff running around the garden hunting for the eggs.  Amid the competition, the sense of fun was never lost as one staff member even offered to collect eggs for their teammates who were unable to come off the floor.

Later on, residents enjoyed a hot cross bun with their cuppa.

In the afternoon, there was a second egg hunt - this time for the children of staff and family members.

Eggs were placed around the home and the garden and our residents had a great time helping the children find their eggs.

But the highlight of the day was a visit from Therapy Ponies Scotland! When seeing the little animals return to the home, everyone's faces lit up.

As an extra surprise, the home also welcomed two beautiful dogs.

Burnside wishes to thank the Dunber family for their generous donation which made it possible for us to invite the ponies back.

Marion Gordon, Home Manager, said: "You made residents, staff and family members very happy. Thank you again."