Spiers residents look forward to weekly visit from local students

We love these photos taken during Spiers Care Home's regular weekly Tuesday visit from the youngsters from Beith Primary School.
The pupils attended various events at the home and have had such a lovely time that they've decided to come and see our ladies and gents on a weekly basis.
Past activities have included making pancakes, planting bulbs and vegetables in the garden and having a wee sing-song.
As it has been a bit windy and rainy lately, the residents have preferred to observe the great work the children are doing in the garden.
This week involved planting seeds into pots for our herb garden raised bed.
The team at Spiers won't see the children for a couple of weeks now as they will be enjoying the Easter break but the pupils are keen to come back and check on their work - so will be looking for sprouting for carrots, leeks, onions lettuce, poppies, lavender along with herbs such as coriander, thyme, oregano, basil and sage.
After planting, the children enjoyed drinks of juice with bananas and tangerines and sang nursery rhymes with the residents.
Before leaving, the kids also visited other lounges and rooms including that of Margaret.
The youngsters are learning so much during their time at the home that they were all eager to share what they've been doing and were happy that Margaret had had a lovely time listening and watching from her room.