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What our team say

We spoke to two members of Silverline Care's team on what it's like to work with us and to work in the care sector, we will try and refresh this page with different team members over the coming months.

Linda Dempster, Care Assistant at Spiers Care Home

Why join Silverline?
I came to Silverline because I was looking for a new challenge. I wanted to improve myself and I wanted to help others.

What have you learned since you started in your role?
Since I’ve joined, I've learned a lot more respect for people. I’ve learned how people should be treated and how caring for someone can give you so much and how much it helps others.

What are the main challenges in your role?
A main aspect of my job is getting to know all the residents in my care. Once you get to know their individual needs and the best way to care for them, as well as getting to know their families and loved ones, it is so rewarding. What can be difficult is when residents pass away. It can be very sad, and you miss them. What I will say is that at these times you can take a bit of comfort that you’ve looked after them well, you were there for them and you’ve given their family a lot of support.

What training or support have you received from Silverline?
I’ve had a lot of support and training through my time with Silverline, whether it be from fellow colleagues, senior carers or management. I’ve always felt supported in my work and I’m now going on to do an SVQ 3 in health and social care. Knowing that there is always a path for improvement and promotion is another thing which motivates me.

What would you say to anyone considering a role with Silverline Care?
This has been a new challenge for me but I’ve loved it. I would encourage anyone thinking about a career in care to go for it. It can be hard work at times but with Silverline Care, there is a lot of support and there are a lot of rewards along the way.

Sam Innes, Senior Carer at Spiers Care Home

What did you do before joining Silverline Care?
I worked in nursing homes, worked in the community, and had about 23 years’ experience in the care sector on and off. I’ve also done hostel work.

What are the main challenges?

Every day in care is a learning day – you never know it all. Silverline Care is a very good company to work for, everyone is very friendly and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

What are the main challenges?
You come across different and new situations every day, for example, people who cannot communicate verbally. You have to build relationships with them and understand their ways and their needs. It is about having patience and learning to adapt to the situation in order to provide the best care for that person.

Would you say Silverline Care has supported you in your work?
The management team at Silverline Care has been great. I had health issues of my own and the management have been extremely flexible and helped me to fit in things like hospital appointments and made me feel like they cared about me as a person and what I'm going through.

Has the role changed since you started?
I used to do training years ago and I was asked by the management at Spiers if I wanted to take it up again. I was offered the opportunity to take a three day moving and handling training course which was great and now I provide that course for others - predominantly Spiers Care Home - but also for staff from Silverline Care’s other homes.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
I can see myself working here for the years to come. I’d love to continue my personal development and perhaps look at doing an SVQ 4 in health and social care. I enjoy imparting my knowledge to other people, especially when new team members join. I don’t think you can ever get enough knowledge – I'd love to learn more and hopefully use that knowledge to help others.