What care can we provide?

Delivering on our promise to provide meaningful care.

Care is our focus. But care comes with two main components: competency and desire.

Our expertise is, we believe, second to none. But to deliver care that can really make a difference to others’ lives, you really need a heart for it. As a result, you really want to serve each resident with what they want and need, moment to moment.

Setting a cup of tea down in front of someone is one thing, making sure it is the way the person likes it and talking to them as it is offered is another thing entirely.

All of our staff have ‘that extra element’, the ingredient of taking joy in being helpful and caring to our┬áresidents. And it is that ingredient, as in all homes, that makes for a happy atmosphere – and a place where people enjoy living.

Explore our care further:

Residential care

Residents needing the reassurance of care on hand round the clock.

Nursing care

Nursing care for residents with the need for medical assistance.

Dementia care

Care for residents affected by memory loss conditions.

Respite care

Shorter term stays for those recovering from illness or hospital care.