Using this site

People are more important than websites.

You can find out only so much about a company, particularly a care home company from a website. A website can help you tick off items from your list: “are they close enough?” , “does it look nice?” , “do they have experience in the type of care I’m looking for?”.

There is one thing, however, that is always true. You will only have one way of knowing if the intentions of the website you are looking at are really being delivered: that is by visiting a home.

It’s the people that really create a caring environment, so we encourage you to take some time to visit us. The benefits to you, we believe, are well worth the effort:

  • You will be able to really get a feel for whether the home will be right for you or the loved-one you are thinking about
  • You will be able to feel more confident and positive about the options you have and get rid of some of the ‘maybes’ that can be so irritating
  • You will know for yourself whether the home really does deliver on its promises to care (you will be able to see if residents appear happy and contented)
  • We think you will feel a lot happier about the idea of a care home in the first place

Get in touch with us today and arrange a visit to see one of our managers.  

You won’t regret it. THAT we promise.

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