Residential care


Residential care

Increasing frailty can affect a person’s ability to accomplish the normal activities of daily living safely without support.

Having to successfully run a household can be burdensome for anyone. This can turn into a worry as such matters can become confusing and perhaps overwhelming.

We offer the availability of 24 hour care and support for residents who are becoming more frail – plus our additional services which keep life interesting and enjoyable.


We take it to heart that a good menu of food can be a highlight of the day.

Our chefs take great pride in ensuring our menu is both enjoyable and nutritionally balanced, providing 3 meals a day with snacks available inbetween.

When you visit take the opportunity to sample some of our chef’s freshly baked cakes!


We help keep interests in life going by arranging daily activities that our residents can choose to participate in.

From playing cards and bingo to flower arranging, we ensure there is something happening every day to enjoy and to gently encourage socialising between residents.

Nursing care

Nursing care for residents with the need for medical assistance.

Dementia care

Care for residents affected by memory loss conditions.

Respite care

Shorter term stays for those recovering from illness or hospital care.