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Find out here more about this site, what resources are available to you and how to approach choosing the right care for you.

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With authentic nursing and clinical expertise, you can be sure of the excellence of our care. Find out more here.

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Our homes are custom designed and newly built to meet the needs of today’s generation of older people.

Finding the care to best suit you or your loved one can feel like a daunting process. So we have assembled what we believe to be the most useful information to help you with your search for the right care home. This website summarises the care, services and accommodation provided by Silverline Care in Scotland and the North of England. It is most important to us, whatever you decide over the coming days and weeks, that you choose the right care solution and that we, in some way have helped you find it. You will find many examples of care homes and nursing homes in your research. It is sometimes difficult to immediately know the difference between them and which might best suit your needs. Silverline Care commits to helping you as much as we can through this process. Whether you  eventually choose one of our homes or not, so long as you have found peace of mind from your choice, then we will be happy that we are fulfilling our promise to you.